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Bingo Roulette Review

Bingo Roulette

52-5 Bingo Roulette is a quality game that offers endless chances of winning big. It is a fast and exciting game with innovative designs brought to you by 888.

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Experience this relatively new version of the classic bingo game on Loony Bingo, straight to your mobile and desktop devices. This entertaining game is a combination of Roulette and bingo and is full of surprises. Once you enter the designated bingo room, the game will load. Make sure to grab your tickets first and then let the games begin! Experience this relatively new version of the classic bingo game on Loony Bingo, straight to your mobile and desktop devices.

How to Play Bingo Roulette?

52-5 Bingo Roulette is an entertaining game that is quite simple to play. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Start by entering your designated bingo room to load the game.
  2. Then, buy your tickets and wait for the game to start.
  3. You will have to buy at least one bingo ticket.
  4. Players can buy a maximum of 96 tickets per game.
  5. There’s a total of 5 numbers on each ticket and these numbers are revealed soon after you’ve purchased your ticket.
  6. On the roulette wheel, there are 52 numbers and the calls are announced to players using the wheel by simulating roulette spinning experience.
  7. The numbers will be called at random and as they appear on the ticket they will be daubed automatically.
  8. The arrow points at the different numbers on the wheel.
  9. Once the calling sequence is done the game comes to an end.

Features and Benefits

  • Auto Daub: On Bingo Roulette, the Auto Daub is activated by default. It marks off the number and a chip is placed on the daubed number.
  • Calling Board: To check which numbers were called use the Calling Board on the top right hand side of the screen.
  • Info Panel: It allows players to read additional information about the game such as the game jackpot, progressive jackpots and number of players.

Winning the 52-5 Bingo Roulette

The game will end when a player daubs 5 numbers on their bingo ticket and a full house is achieved. There can be multiple winners on a single game and in this case, the jackpot will be distributed equally among the winners. Or distributed by the proportion of winning tickets which depends on the specific game played.

Mobile Experience

52-5 Bingo Roulette is fully compatible with various devices such as Tablet, smartphone and PC. Play anywhere and experience a seamless gaming experience via your iOS or Android devices. The innovative designs are perfectly displayed on the screen of your device and offer smooth gameplay.

Quick Facts

#1 If the winner isn’t in the room during the game to check out the winning message, he will still receive the jackpot sum. The winner can have a glimpse at the main details of the game in the ‘’game history” page of the “my account” menu.
#2 On Bingo Roulette the size of the pay-out is determined by the number of players and the price of the tickets. The more players join the game and the higher the price of tickets, the bigger the pay-out.
#3 Did you know this 52-5 game is similar to other 52-5 games namely Flash 5 and Candy Factory? The Bingo Roulette and these two other games have the same rules and the only differences lie in the animation and graphics.

Review of the Game/Conclusion

Overall, 52-5 Bingo Roulette is an entertaining new version of the classic bingo game playable on all devices. It’s an innovative game with exciting visuals and graphics. It’s well worth stopping by for a spin and the chance of winning big.