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Love Island Slingo UK is an exciting combination of slots and bingo, with a theme that is based on the famous TV show, Love Island.

This Slingo casino game has an RTP of 95.33%, making it a medium variance game. Translated, this means that you can get a steady stream of wins, with a few big ones thrown in. And if Dame Fortune is with you, you can up as much as £5,000 in this exciting version of Slingo!

How to Play Love Island Slingo?

To play Slingo, need to understand how it works and what its layout is. The more you understand, the better your chances of winning:

Game Layout:

The game has a classic layout:

  1. The highlight of the game is the Slingo bingo grid in the centre of the game screen.
  2. Below the grid is the Slingo slots reel. It’s one single reel and it displays the numbers that are to be marked off from the bingo grid.
  3. The pay table, where the amount you can win is displayed to one side of the grid. This amount will change depending on the amount you bet.
  4. On the other side of the grid is the spin counter and the START GAME button. The spin counter will tell you how many spins you have left to win the game. You get a total of 11 spins for Love Island Slingo.


Gameplay is very straightforward:

  1. Place your bet. A heads-up. Once you set your bet, you cannot change it for the rest of the game.
  2. Click on the START GAME button.
  3. Make Slingos by marking off 5 lines of numbers, in rows, columns or diagonals.

Features and Benefits

    To help you win the game, this Slingo online game offers you some special symbols as well as bonuses.

    Special Symbols:

  • The Beach Ball: This is a wild and if you land it, you can mark off any number on the column corresponding to where the symbol landed
  • The Super Wild: This special symbol will allow you to mark off a number anywhere on the grid.
  • The Shark: Beware the Shark. He appears in the game and possible combinations can get blocked.
  • Coins: Land this symbol and win instant cash prizes.
  • Free Spins: When this symbol lands, you get some precious free spins that you can use at the end of the game.

  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Coins
  • Wild
  • Super Joker

Slingo Bonus

The only special bonus in this game is awarded to you when you land 3 or more Beach Balls and/or Super Wilds. Then, you win an instant cash prize.

Mobile Experience

You can play Slingo games on the go, on your mobile devices, whether they are smartphones or tablets. And you will not lose out on the gaming experience since the game has been adapted for mobile use!

Tips & strategy

  • #1
    Use the Beach Ball and Super Wild with care. Mark off numbers that will give you the best chance to win Slingos.
  • #2
    You can buy extra spins, but think carefully before you do. If you have bet big, and are really close to a big win, then go ahead. But do remember that each extra spin you buy gets progressively more expensive.
  • #3
    Soak up the sun, and the wins, with coins! These equal instant cash prizes