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Slingo Fortunes

Slingo Fortunes

You know, Asia is associated with mystery and vast fortunes. So, it would only be logical that a Slingo casino game based on this exotic region of the world would offer massive wins. Well, that’s what Slingo Fortunes does!

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How to Play Slingo Fortunes?

This game is more complex than your average Slingo games, so we need to spend some time understanding it:

Game Layout:

  1. The Slingo bingo grid is in the centre of this game’s screen.
  2. Below it is the Slingo slots reel.
  3. On both sides of the grid are the prize values.
  4. To the extreme left is the prize boost table, which will tell you how much you will win after every successive Slingo.
  5. To the extreme right is the spin counter that keeps track of the number of spins you have remaining. You will get 10 spins at the start of the game.
  6. At the bottom right is the START GAME button.


  1. Start the game by laying your bets.
  2. Click on the START GAME button to begin.
  3. A set of 26 envelopes appear on the game screen.
  4. Select 1 envelope from this set. It will be set aside and its contents will remain a mystery until the game ends!
  5. As soon as you do, the other 25 will appear as numbered envelopes on the bingo grid.
  6. As you mark off the numbered envelopes on the grid, the contents of those envelopes will be revealed. These are values that are listed on the prize tables on either side of the grid.
  7. As the prizes are revealed, their corresponding values will be removed from the prize list.

Features and Benefits:

    In this Slingo online game, you get all the traditional special symbols such as the two wilds, the Joker and the Super Joker, Free Spins and that pesky Devil. However, what makes this game really special is its Slingo bonus – the Fortune Offer!

  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Multiplier
  • Wild
  • Joker

Fortune Offer

  • For every win, you move up the prize boost ladder.
  • Win 4 Slingos to activate the Fortune Offer!
  • At this point, you are given an offer – take the prize you have collected so far and end the game, or carry on playing.
  • If you choose to ACCEPT this offer, the mystery envelope shows you how much you have won and the game ends.
  • If you DECLINE the offer, you can click on SPIN to continue the game.
  • After this, for every successive win, you are given the Fortune Offer.
  • From 5 wins onwards, your prize amount is multiplied. For 5 wins, you get a 1x multiplier, which is applied to all remaining prizes in the grid.
  • At 11 wins, you get a 7x multiplier, and at 12 (which is the full house), your prizes are multiplied by 20x!

Mobile Experience

Slingo UK fans love this game so much that they want to play it all the time. And now, this is possible because the game is mobile friendly and can be played on your phone or tablet wherever you are!

Tips & strategy

#1 Play on reliable Slingo sites!
#2 Use your wilds carefully. Use them to open envelopes that will give you the best chance of winning Slingos.
#3 If you are not winning too much, it would better to accept the Fortune Offer and start a new game.