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Slingo Riches

Slingo Riches

This is one of the classic Slingo games designed for beginners, but can be played by everyone. And that’s because this game is that exciting. This game is one of the top online Sligo games today, not just because it is simple to play, but because it also offers one of the richest rewards in its category.

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When you use your Slingo login, you get to the game screen, which shows a 5x5 grid that tops a single slots reel. On the right is the pay-table that shows you the value of your prizes. However, it will change depending on how much you bet. Betting ranges from 50p all the way up to £100. So, if you bet £100, then, if you get a full house, you will win £20,000!

How to Play Slingo riches?

  1. Select your bet. Do so with care since that will be your bet for the next 11 spins you get to complete the game. However, if you are not able to complete the game in the allotted number of spins, you have the option of buying more spins with real money.
  2. After you have selected your bet, begin the play by clicking on the SPIN button.
  3. When the reel stops moving, 5 random numbers will appear on the reel. Cross those numbers from the grid. The object is to cross out numbers in straight rows, columns or diagonals. The biggest win will be the full house, when all the numbers are crossed.
  4. In order to move on to the next level, you need to get at least one Slingo(complete a line).

Special Symbols

You also get special symbols that can help you win your game and increase your pay out.

  • The Joker: This symbol, if it appears on the reel will give you the chance to cross any number within that column.
  • The Super Joker: The Super Joker allows you to cross any number on the Slingo grid.
  • Free Spins: You get awarded extra spins that you can use after you have used up your 11 spins.
  • Coins: Immediate cash reward to bolster your winnings.
  • The Devil: This crafty fellow can really make your life miserable. If he appears on the reel, you could end up losing 50% of your money.
  • The Cherub: If you get lucky, then the Cherub will chase the Devil away and maybe even double your winnings.

A little tip here: use the Joker and the Super Joker strategically. It can really help you win the game if you cross the numbers that are most likely to give you a Slingo.

  • Free Spins Symbol
  • Coins
  • Joker
  • Super Joker

Bonus Rounds

We cannot finish a Slingo review without talking about the bonus rounds. Technically, this Slingo game doesn’t really have any bonus rounds. However, the game more than makes up for it with its betting mechanism.

This is one of the few Slingo games that allows you to choose your bet. What this means is that you can choose how much of a risk you wish to take. So, you can bet as little as 50p and walk away with £100 as your full-house win, or you can take a chance and aim for that £20,000 jackpot.

Another thing that the game offers is a chance for you to increase your wins at the end of a round. If you have completed your 11 spins, but want to try for the full house, then you can buy more spins.